The recent figures show that nearly 10% of all dental treatment is an urgent appointment. But what happens to patients when their dentist isn't available to deliver advice? There is a large gap in patients accessing dental care out of hours, and the Tooth Fairy app helps fill this important void.

Knowing firsthand of the difficulties patients experience, our aim is to increase access and reinvent the way patients access dental care.


We developed our application with patients at the center of our aims. The Tooth Fairy app has been evaluated on patients at an NHS Hospital in London. 

As a dentist led organization, our core aim is to improve patients experience of dentistry. We allow dentists to use our software to manage their own patients, as well as speak to new patients.

Raison d'être

19+ million

Dental appointments missed due to Covid-19. British Dental Association. 

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Oral Cancers are detected early

of patients reported they
would use the Tooth Fairy
App to access dental

of patients reported our
app would reduce their
need to go to A&E for
dental advice


Average rating by patients of

Tooth Fairy App

Autumn 2018, ADC/Oral Surgery Department. 115 patients participated.







It's reported that 10% of all dental appointments are an urgent appointment

NHS Statistics (2016/17)


Attendances to A&E due to dental problems are costing the NHS £18 million a year

British Dental Association



Reportedly 1/3 of all Paracetamol overdose submission to A&E were for dental pain

BBC News


 Over half of patients do not know how to access dental care out of hours

British Dental Journal

600,000 patients are

seeing a GP for dental problems annually

The Guardian



3 In 10

Only 3 in 10 children are taken to the dentist when in pain, increasing out of hours


The statistics of poor patient access are a reflection of the difficulties patients experience. We exist to overcome these and empower patients to experience a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. You can use our platform to access dentists for a range of reasons, whether it is for advice or discussions of a treatment plan, as well as soft consults from braces and facial aesthetics.