Profile Tutorial

Browse our app, search for local dentists, watch free videos without creating a profile.

If you would like to video call a dentist, create a profile. Estimated time <2 minutes.

Booking Tutorial

Tutorial explaining how to speak to a dentist in minutes. Follow the below steps to conduct a booking.

Book a Tooth Fairy Dentist

Book a Specific Dentist

Waiting Room

If you have booked a future booking then please follow the below steps:

  1. At least 5 minutes before the booking time please open the app.

  2. The white "Book Appointment" button would have changed to your appointment time.

  3. On clicking the white button on the home screen, it will take you to the waiting screen.

  4. At the time of your booking, a call button will appear. Please click that and wait on the screen.

  5. The dentist will appear and automatically connect with you on this screen.

Please do not leave the waiting room as you will miss the dentist.