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Toothfairy is a mobile app, founded by dentists for our patients. You can use the app to access a dentist for braces at a more affordable cost, or use it to access a dentist for a single-use - e.g. for advice or assistance.

We believe being comfortable and pain-free is a basic right, but in our daily work as dentists we found that major barriers existed, preventing patients from receiving the full care and attention they deserved.

Toothfairy is the world's smartest dental app, using its award-winning technology recognised by the Dental industry itself. We use a mixture of AI machine learning technology and real dental clinical decisions.
We operate around the three pillars of access, advice, and alleviation. With the reported struggle of patients with dental care, along with the high incidence of dental phobia, the Tooth Fairy app tackles both hurdles in allowing patients to attain professional advice. 

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