If you wish to use our app to speak to a dentist for urgent advice and assistance or wish for a general consult then explore our different features. 

Explore the app, find your local dentist and book an available appointment. Download the Tooth Fairy app from your native app store.

If you wish to speak to any dentist then simply put in a request for any Tooth Fairy dentist, and one of our handpicked dentists will discuss your questions personally through our in-app video call.

If you have a specific dentist in mind then use our free search feature to connect with them in-app.

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Video call

Consult with dentists and the wider dental team to get assistance, advice, and diagnosis of any dental issues you may have.

We can help you with issues from swellings, to gum discomfort, pain, jaw aches, and grinding.

Compared to NHS 111 which relies on just a phone call, our patients can show swelling, life-threatening abscesses, broken teeth, gum disease and limited mouth opening all through our secure teleconsulting platform.

Virtual Exam

Get a professional report from a dentist and identify issues such as decay development, plaque build-up, mobility of teeth, enamel wear and calculus traps.

  • Book a consultation with a dentist at your convenience

  • Receive professional advice

  • Written advice after your consultation

  • Information of short term and long term plans.


Symptom Checker

Dental problems don't schedule their arrival, so why take a chance?

The symptom checker allows you to:


  • Identify issues in real-time

  • Receive professional advice

  • Check your symptoms

With only 27% of oral cancers being detected early, our virtual exam allows patients to speak to a dentist and get feedback on issues of high concern.




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