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Supercharge your
oral health 🚀

Toothfairy™ empowers patients to manage their oral health, prevent long term chronic diseases, and reduce costs and wait times to access a dentist. 

Patent pending technology

24/7 dental care and advice

NHS teated and validated

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We bring a dentist to you 247 through the UK’s only health-regulated dental app. Showcase
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The dentist will see you now 🎉

We bring a dentist to you 24/7 through the UK’s only health-regulated dental app.


Showcase issues with your teeth and gums to our UK dentists, who will help manage any symptoms, pain, or swellings or give general advice on how to avoid future root canals and fillings. 


Learn what's happening within your mouth, pick out issues earlier and avoid expensive and painful treatments. 


From a dentist helpline to video consults and prescriptions in minutes, we also do invisible teeth straightening and whitening. Need to see a physical dentist? We can help you with a diagnosis and signpost you to our network across the UK.

Pick out issues earlier, before they become costly.


Video call a dentist on demand 🚀

Dental issues come at the most inconvenient times. Speak to a professional dentist, and seek immediate advice and help.


Receive prescriptions in minutes 🎉

Receive a prescription for antibiotics, painkillers, cavity reversing toothpastes or antiseptic mouthwashes in minutes.


Learn what is happening inside your mouth, so you can manage them before they become root canals or crowns and be guided by a real dentist.


Learn life-long skills on prevention 👨‍⚕️

Learn skills that will equip you with life long prevention of dental disease. No one mouth is the same, so neither will our advice be.

Live Clinic
Appointment Finder  🤖

Choose from two simple plans

Our aim is to make dentistry affordable, available and accessible.


Don't just believe us; see what               patients had to say 🎉



reported they would use the Toothfairy app to access a dentist


would recommend the app to family and friends


reported it would reduce the need to go to A&E for dental advice


The average app rating was 4.2 out of 5 stars

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Realtime Clinic
Booking 🚀

Booking in to see a physical dentist shouldn't be like pulling teeth, especially if our dentists have recommended you see one as a follow up.

Our super smart technology helps search 1000's of clinics across the UK, pulling the next available appointment by the hour.

We take no fee and we have no bias when referring to a clinic. This is a completely free service for our members, ensuring we help them each step of the way.

Patent Pending Tech

Personalised care.

Education and prevention

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No more 1million+ days missed off work ✋

With over 1million days missed off work annually, in the UK alone for dental issues, Toothfairy exists to combat absences, loss of earnings and missed productivity. 

We cover members such as employees and insurers to manage their oral health and challenge expensive, and slow dental insurance.

Chat with dentists in app

Track progress in app

Engage from anywhere

Industry-leading Dental Technology 

NHS tested, and validated


Certified medical device

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 compliant

Cyber security essentials certified

Oh -and we make your smile more beautiful 🤩

All plans come with 10% off our invisible teeth straightening and whitening plans.

Most dental insurances dont give you money back for any cosmetic treatments, but we think you deserve better.

So anhy cosmetic services you do through Toothfairy, you will receive 10% cashback, which can be £100's saved.

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