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What we do

What is the Tooth Fairy app?

The Tooth Fairy app was developed by dentists to help increase access to a clinician, who can provide advice and alleviate any dental problems . Through the app you can attain professional advice and education to manage a range of symptoms. You can either speak to a dentist for emergencies or use our app to undergo premium teeth straightening - 50% cheaper than in clinic prices.

Is the advice safe?

All advice provided through the app is by dentists who are fully trained and indemnified. We examine all of our dentists before they are allowed to provide advice to patients. We recommend you do follow up our advice with a physical dental consultation with your regular dentist.

What plans are available?

You can browse the different plans here. Our single use consultation is similar cost to a NHS urgent appointment. We also offer annual plans for regular use.

Can I replace my regular dental visits with this app?

We would not recommend this. This app is to bridge patients with dentists and not intended to substitute your regular dental visits. The app is ideal for people who require advice but at the time have a busy schedule, are travelling or when their regular dentist isn't available. We as dentists understand that access can be difficult and this app has been developed to manage you until you can attain a full examination. Where we cannot manage you we will inform you of local dentists in your area, or of emergency services if required.

I just require regular advice, can I use this app?

Yes, for example if you require general advice about a treatment plan offered to you, or wondering about orthodontics (braces), the difference between white and metal fillings, or what a Root Canal involves etc. you can have a discussion with a professional dentist.

I'm in pain, can you help?

Yes our online dentists can help manage your pain and symptoms. Through the use of images and live video calling, we can manage examine you and manage your pain symptoms for the short term. We also have a range of medicines we can advise you take, and if you require a prescription; this can be sent through the app. Our dentists are available on weekends and evenings. We recommend all patients follow up with our advice with their regular dentist for a physical examination.

Can I send you images?

Yes, our app has been developed to accept images files as part of your consultation as well as a live video feed when you speak to your dentist.

What is your video library feature?

Our video library feature contains professional video advice and guidance from qualified dentists. The video library is available through the app. Certain videos are available as part of the free plan. The whole video library is available at no extra cost for annual users.

Do you see children?

For general advice on eruption of teeth, our dentists can help you as a parent. If your child has a traumatic incident we would advise you to call NHS 111 urgently or in a severe emergency 999. Please do not delay getting assistance following a traumatic incident or for a child who is in pain.

Is the app free?

Yes, our app is free to download from the Apple Store. You can search for local dentists for free, as well as watch free educational videos. There is a appointment charge to speak to a dentist via video call - (which is in line with the cost of a dental emergency appointment in the the NHS).

Can i use you in an emergency?

If you are in severe pain, have limited mouth opening, difficulty in swallowing, or have had a traumatic incident, then you will need to seek urgent assistance. Please call NHS 111 or 999, alternatively you can visit your local A&E department. We are not a emergency service, and cannot assist you if you require urgent assistance.


Is my information safe?

Yes, we treat your personal information with the upmost importance. All data is stored in line with UK regulations and we strictly comply with data protection rules and regulations.

Who owns my data?

Your data is controlled and owned by you. We do not share your medical history or personal data with any third parties without your prior consent. You are able to request your data at any point. You can read more about how we store your data and your rights from our Privacy Policy.

Is my data shared?

Your data is not shared unless you consent first. In instances where we may notify your GP or regular Dentist, we will ask for your permission.

Who has access to my data?

A consulting dentist will have access to your data before an appointment. Your previous notes will be accesible to the dentist for an informed consultation. The clinical team that are looking after your care, will have access to your records will always comply with strict data protection regulations and ensure your data is safe and kept confidential.

What personal data do you hold?

Any information you submit through our app may be used to form your EMR (Electronic Medical Record), including details of your medical history, any presenting complaints, images of your problems, notes and recording from any consultations, and any dental advice given. You can read more about how we store your data and your rights from our Privacy Policy.

What is an EMR?

An EMR is a collection of your personal details, medical history, profile settings, dental consultation notes and recordings, advice from any dentists and medications prescribed. It is important to up date any medical conditions of allergies onto your Web App profile, as your EMR is used by dentists to give accurate and relevant advice to you via consultations.

Do you record consultations?

Video consultations are recorded for quality and security purposes. These recordings are held securely in accordance with our retention policy and will form part of your EMR. We may review consultations for legal purposes or at the request of the consulting practitioner, patient or authorised third party. Recordings are not accessible to the general public and are private. Access can only be consented by a treating practitioner, the patient involved, or Tooth Fairy Healthcare Ltd clinical manager.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in secure severs based in the UK. Your data is protected by encryption and only accessible by your clinical team responsible for your care.

How can i request my EMR/data?

You can request your Electronic Medical Record by submitting a data request email to You can read more about how we store your data and your rights from our Privacy Policy.

How long will you keep my personal data?

We will not keep your personal data for any longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected.Your personal data is stored in line with CQC, Department of Health and NHS Regulations. We will retain your records from consultations for a maximum of 30 years. In line with the NHS regulations the minimum time we will keep records will be 11 years (adults) or to the age of 25 years (children). Unless there is a regulatory or legal reason to retain personal data, we will delete personal data for patients who have not been active on our platform for 5 years. You can read more about how we store your data and your rights from our Privacy Policy.

What if my device is stolen?

Your account is password protected and requires a log in. We recommend you use a device that is password protected to access, and that you log into the app when using it. Keep your details safe. If you wish to deactivate your account please email us at


Can I get a prescription from you?

Yes, our doctors can prescribe your medicines if they deem clinically necessary. All doctors comply with the Royal College of Surgeons, FGDP and Nice guidelines on prescribing. Please note not all cases are suitable for remote prescribing and the consulting dentist may refer you to a local dentist for further investigations if they deem necessary.

Will you charge me for prescribing?

No, we do not charge patients to prescribe. There will be a charge for you to collect the prescription from a dispensing pharmacy, but this is set independently from Tooth Fairy.

Where can i collect my prescription from?

If you have been prescribed any medications you are required to select a pharmacy that will dispense your medication: Log into the Tooth Fairy App On the home screen, select ‘My Bookings’ at the bottom right Click your latest appointment (ordered by date) Scroll down and click Collect Prescription Type in your postcode and select your desired Pharmacy You will receive a confirmation email of your prescription

What do I do once I have selected a Pharmacy?

Once you have selected a pharmacy, your prescription will be processed and will be sent to your selected pharmacy. It may take 2-4 hours for the pharmacy to process.

What if there is a problem with my Prescription?

Please email us at where we can further investigate this.

Do you prescribe Opiods?

We do not prescribe any Opiods remotely.

Do you prescribe antibiotics?

We do not prescribe antibiotics remotely.


I have an issue with my account / booking

If you have any technical issues, or issues whilst using our app, then please contact . If you have a booking ID please include this in your email.

I was calling a dentist and the call failed

We allow a five minute grace period for a dentist to call you back on your app if a call is dropped. Due to server issues a call not be queued for longer than this. If you wish to discuss any issues regarding your booking, please contact us on . If you have a booking ID please include this in your email.

I am unhappy with your service

We aim to provide a high quality service to our patients at all times. If you are unhappy with your experience then please contact us at where we will handle your concerns. All complaints are handled with the highest importance. You can view our complaints policy here. You can view our complaints policy and submit your complaint through our form here.

I wish to deactivate my account

If you wish to deactivate your account please email us at

Refund / Cancellation

If you wish to discussion any technical difficulties / refund requests please contact us at Please add details of your consultation booking ID, name, address and email on the account Cancellation

It's free to cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance.

However, if you cancel after this time period, or don't attend your appointment, you will be charged the cost of the cancellation e.g. £25 cancellation fee. Please note if you have a bad network connection we are unable to refund your account as we consent all patients to ensure they have a strong wifi connection before consulting.

Booking an appointment

Can i book an appointment now?

We have two types of bookings. You can either choose to conduct an appointment live with an online dentist, or you can choose to book a future appointment.

Who is the dentist i am speaking to?

When booking an appointment, you will be asked if you wish to speak to a trained Tooth Fairy dentist, or if you wish to see if your own dentist is a partner on Tooth Fairy.

Can i speak to my own dentist?

Yes, if your dentist has joined up on our platform. You can search for your dentist via our app to see if they are a partner. If not then ask your dentist to join, there is no fee to do so.


When can i call?

If you wish to speak to any dentist, you can either: 1. Live: conduct a live consult with a dentist if they are online at that moment (24 hours depending on when a dentist is online - which will be displayed in the app) 2. Future booking: Put in a booking request at your desired time and dentists can accept your booking on a first come first serve basis (any time between 9am-8pm, 7 Days a week). If you wish to speak to a specific dentist: 1. You can choose a booking slot between 9am - 8pm that is entered by the dentist according to their availabilty.

What are general operating hours?

Usual operating hours are 9am - 8pm, you can submit a booking request any time between these times.

Live booking

If a dentist is free, she/he may log in and be present live on the platform. When logging in you will be able to see a dentist is online by the green "online dentists" icon. This can occur at any time of the day depending on when a dentist wishes to be online, but most likely occurs at peak times.