The Tooth Fairy App was founded by dentists to help our patients access dental advice. The instances poor dental access are becoming ever more prevalent, with hurdles such as limited dental appointments, logistical issues and dental phobia on the rise.



The recent figures show that nearly 10% of all dental treatment is an urgent appointment. But what happens to patients when their dentist isn't available to deliver advice? There is a large gap in patients accessing dental care out of hours, and the Tooth Fairy app helps fill this important void.

The Tooth Fairy vision is to offer direct professional advice to manage patients, from general advice to pain management. We know dental problems do not schedule their arrival, but we aim to arrange their management.

We operate around the three pillars of access, advice, and alleviation. With the reported struggle of patients to dental care, along with the high incidence of dental phobia, the Tooth Fairy app tackles both hurdles in allowing patients to attain professional advice. 


Our technology was created for dentists to manage their existing patient list and new patients.


Soft Consults

Use our app to consult with patients for soft consults such as facial aesthetics or discussing short term orthodontics


Go the extra mile and review patients after treatments such as complex extractions 


Discuss treatment plans, costs, and timescales of treatments via our secure platform. 

follow up

Follow up leads after examinations to answer further questions from patients


It's reported that 10% of all dental appointments are an urgent appointment

NHS Statistics (2016/17)


Attendances to A&E due to dental problems are costing the NHS £18 million a year

British Dental Association



Reportedly 1/3 of all Paracetamol overdose submission to A&E were for dental pain

BBC News


 Over half of patients do not know how to access dental care out of hours

British Dental Journal

600,000 patients are

seeing a GP for dental problems annually

The Guardian



3 In 10

Only 3 in 10 children are taken to the dentist when in pain, increasing out of hours


Join our team

The Tooth Fairy team is one which compromises of individual dentists as well as practices to manage their existing lists and attract new patients.


The platform was founded by dentists, so you can be rest assured we have had patients and dentists at the forefront of our mind when developing this unique platform.



If you would like to learn more about joining our team then apply below.




Maintaining your patient list is key to ensuring continued revenue. Poor access can diminish patient loyalty to your clinic and may direct them to your competitors.

Clinics can stand out from their competitors by going the extra mile for their patients. Using our platform, we can assist you in managing your own patients via secure remote access. Triage and assess cases out of hours, whilst also conducting soft consultations for new patient interests for orthodontics or implants.

Joining is simple; you will be asked to invite your dentists to our platform. These
dentists can then be searched for, and your clinic name clearly displayed to aid
patient selection. A monthly report with payments for consultations will be paid to
the practice account. Clinics can then distribute this to their consulting clinicians.
The platform can be used for a range of services, from doing consultations for
orthodontics, or facial aesthetics, to triaging and managing patients.

Reach a wider range of patients and join Tooth Fairy in revolutionising how
patients access dental care.




Dental Practices

Become a Tooth Fairy dentist and join the digital dental revolution. Our platform reinvents the way patients access dental care. Dentists can login and offer patients advice remotely, at a time that suits them. Our platform uniquely offers practitioners a chance to still exercise their deep clinical knowledge, such as those on maternity leave or those near retirement,

By joining our expanding network of dentists, you can flexibly log into Tooth Fairy and offer advice and services to patients at a time that suits you. Your own patients can specifically search for you to consult with you, as well as prospective patients who may wish to utilise your services.

Our platform helps overcome barriers for patients such as accessibility or
availability, whilst freeing up your valuable chair-time for dentists.
The Tooth Fairy platform allows patients to submit payments directly through our platform, not requiring any additional administration time on your part.