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Canada Life Member 🚀

I just wanted to welcome you to the Toothfairy® app, as part of your Canada Life membership 🎉

As part of your membership, you have access to:


  1. Dentist on demand - via the chat helpline

  2. Video gallery - updated regularly with oral health knowledge

  3. 10% off invisible teeth straightening - start with a free consult


Other features in the app are closed unless the dentist unlocks them.


You can use the app for a range of issues 🚀

  1. Discuss any oral health problems

  2. Dental Pain

  3. See how you can improve your smile

  4. Attain prescriptions for antibiotics or painkillers

  5. Get guidance from a dentist or ask any questions

Start by using the app chat today; we can also help you arrange a free consult via our chat.



Membership manager



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