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Founded by Dentists for struggling patients.

Delivering access to a dentist, on-demand is our mission. With our founders seeing tens of thousands of patients in the NHS and Privately, they understand that there is a postcode lottery in accessing dental care across the UK.

Through the UK's first digital dental app, tested and validated in the NHS, our award-winning technology delivers advice, consults and prescriptions for a range of issues.

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Knowing firsthand the difficulties patients experience, our aim is to increase access and reinvent the way patients access dental care.
We developed our application with patients at the centre of our aims. The Tooth Fairy app has been evaluated on patients at an NHS Hospital in London. 

As a dentist led organization, our core aim is to improve patients' experience of dentistry. We allow dentists to use our software to manage their own patients, as well as speak to new patients.

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