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Supercharge your
oral health 🚀

Toothfairy™ empowers patients to manage their oral health, prevent long term chronic diseases, and reduce costs and wait times to access a dentist. 

Patent pending technology

24/7 dental care and advice

NHS teated and validated

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Access emergencies, exams and cosmetics through our award-winning service 🎉

Dentistry is evolving, and patients' needs are changing. 

We help employees and insurers empower their members, with more affordable and on-demand dental care. 

We remove barriers to entry for members, from immediate dental access, more convenient advice and help through virtual exams, 24/7 dentist helpline and additional benefits such as prescriptions and cosmetic treatments.

A 360° product, bringing a digital and in-person dentist on demand


Connect to a dentist in minutes 🚀

Dental issues come at the most inconvenient times. Speak to a professional dentist, and seek immediate advice and help.


Achieve oral health goals with a personal dental coach 🎉

Manage your oral health, through preventative skills, virtual exams and dentist prescribed medications to reduce cavities and gum disease. 


See a real life dentist through our network 🤖

With not only digital coverage, we have an extensive network of clinics who can see you. We pride ourselves on our ethical and transparent clinical network.


Save unnecessary costs and wasted time👨‍⚕️

With a range of services, from exams, chats, prescriptions and cosmetic treatments, we are the world's first dental clinic in the cloud at an industry low price.

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No more 1million+ days missed off work ✋

With over 1million days missed off work annually, in the UK alone for dental issues, Toothfairy exists to combat absences, loss of earnings and missed productivity. 

We cover members such as employees and insurers to manage their oral health and challenge expensive, and slow dental insurance.

Chat with dentists in app

Track progress in app

Engage from anywhere

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Your pocket dentist, included.

Engaging with your members is key to driving high satisfaction and engagement. No more high dental costs, lack of education or long wait times.

24/7 access to a dentist, engagement through on-demand chat and track features means that your members spend less time travelling and sitting in the clinic waiting room and more time actually getting dental help.

Patent Pending Tech

Personalised care.

Education and prevention

Industry-leading Dental Technology 

NHS tested, and validated


Certified medical device

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 compliant

Cyber security essentials certified

What's included for your members

With a high-value proposition of 360 degrees in dental care.

From vetted and trained dentists to prescriptions, dental reports and on-demand communication tools.

Our mission is to offer accessible dental care to the whole population. 


Get Ready to Supercharge your members health, speak to a rep for a demo today 🤩

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